Better late than never

The title has nothing to do with the Magazine from Niels “Airmighty” Timmerman, but rather with my article about the mag.
The proof sheet of the second issue is already checked and Niels already let the ink flow. I think the first issue of the Megascene was a big deal. In fact in Europe, without Great Britain, there aren’t much magazines like this. Especially in Germany the most magazines aren’t strictly aircooled. As i’ve written earlier in this blog, there was for example no interest for the really great Sand Scorcher 2010 project from the Bug Box. They’ve said that’s not what the readers want to read. What? I do. Even better Niels has decided to do his own thing, but he personally didn’t see it as a competitor, even more it’s an addition for the European Aircooled Scene. We wish you luck with your second “addition” and for sure one copy is already bought.